10 Prescriptions for Financial Health

In this program you will learn to:

  •  Increase financial literacy to gain financial health
  •  Clarify unconscious habits that hold you back from your goals
  •  Gain decision making confidence to make smarter purchases

You earn a living so you have to deal with money, right? Sometimes money can be a significant source of stress. Rather than freeing you, your money creates worry that follows you around and occupies your mind. That worry can cause you to be less productive at work and in your life.

Everyone’s greatest financial asset is the ability to earn money, but it can be too easy to lose sight of the value of managing that money wisely until time has passed. Attitudes are the greatest ally in growing wealth. Attitudes form habits, habits with time grow wealth.

You earn a living and you learned how to do your work through education and/or training. Rarely have you been offered training to learn how best to manage those earnings.

I have used my lifetime of experience to create this program for you because clients always asked why no one had taught them these things before they met me. I gave up my licenses to sell investments and insurance in order to focus on my passion for teaching financial literacy and advising people as they go through life transitions.

The Right Program for You and Your People:

10 Prescriptions for Financial Health can be customized for you and your needs.
Depending upon your situation, you can take advantage of:

  •  full day workshops
  •  seminars
  •  private sessions

Learners come away from the Full Day workshop so energized that we all spend more hours together talking about the ideas of the day!

Have a look at what the learners say:

You are the Martha of Money!  Mary

I left with a feeling of “empowerment” which is not often the feeling I have after discussing investing or financial decision making. Great course! Thank you!  Education coordinator, Health Canada

The course removed the mystery and fear of what seems complex. I feel educated and in control.  Greg

You taught me a lot in an entertaining, easy way- I feel confident to explore this now.  I’m shocked how much I learned!  I just wanted to thank you once again for your stirring and enthusiastic presentation- albeit with gentle humour and grace.  Georgia

When people learn how to manage their money

  •  Stress levels go down
  •  Focus improves
  • Confidence rises

So, shall we create a Program that works for you and your people?

Programs have been presented for Health Canada, The University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, Corporate Boardrooms, plus many public and private sessions. The sessions are highly customizable and can be modified for groups of different sizes and experience.

I have been a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers.

Program participants:

– learn to de-mistify financial rhetoric
– learn how to gain wealth
– decrease their stress
– receive unbiased, dependable financial advice

10 Prescriptions for Financial Health:

You will participate in an active, engaging group that makes learning fun and interesting. The workshop guides you through the planning process in a logical way and your path through the fog clears up. You will receive your personal copy of  “The 10 Prescriptions Workbook” to start creating your own plan right away.  You will learn about the six disciplines of financial planning including;

  • logical investment advice
  • if and when to buy insurance
  • how and when to take care of your estate plan
  • managing debt and your cash flow
  • retirement and education planning
  • maximizing your tax benefits

Access to the Program:

If you want to plan a worthwhile information session for your colleagues at the office or your organization, if you want your family and friends to receive the gift of Financial Health,

Contact Patricia: