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Financial Document

Designed especially for Out of Court Resolution in Family Financial Matters
by Patricia Lalonde, CFP, c. 2014

What do you want to do to resolve family financial issues? Where do you want to start?

Start with a clear picture of the financial situation! The Financial Document provides the family and their team of professionals with one document, keeping everyone “ON THE SAME PAGE.”

The value of a pension and the value of a family home might have the same dollar amount, BUT, after taxes they are completely different. A house might be liquid quickly, but what about the pension? Probably not! Insurance is another matter entirely. What kinds of policies are they? Are they comparable? Are they personal plans or group plans? Money matters are complicated.

These are the sorts of questions that this document addresses. Having the financial situation clearly laid out will certainly open up more productive discussions in the family and with their valuable professionals. It could save a lot of money, time and stress to have this clarity. The program is structured and formulas are embedded so that calculations are done automatically. The categories are laid out to separate various types of assets and liabilities into their own taxation categories. Totals automatically transfer onto the “Synopsis” page in their various categories giving everyone a brief snapshot to work with.

Patricia works with families to ~ complete the document ~ explain tax rules and their specific implications ~ refer to other financial specialists as needed ~ work with one or both family members to plan the next steps in this transition ~ create projections to compare long term effects of financial options ~ act as a Neutral Facilitator for family financial discussions. Helping families reach an agreement to be proud of for the long term. There is no extra charge for this document while working with Patricia.

Families can buy a copy of The Financial Document, fill it out themselves and keep all of the paperwork in a file for verification. The “List of Required Information” can be found on the instruction sheet that comes with the document. Families who are doing it themselves as “Self Represented Litigants” or using any “Alternative Dispute Resolution” process will greatly benefit from the clarity that this document provides.

The Financial Issue is one important factor in family disputes! Lawyers, Coaches, Mediators and Child Specialists guide the family through vitally important legal, emotional and parenting matters.

To set up a meeting OR to purchase your copy of the Financial Document;

Call Patricia at 604-605-3149 or email

Payment for the Financial Document by credit card or e-transfer, $150 + GST

You will receive an Authorization code and your Financial Document by email.

All the very best to you and your family,