About me

I am Patricia Lalonde, providing you with Mediation and neutral financial clarity through the storms of separation and life transitions. I provide guidance to help you take control of financial matters and achieve peace of mind. When you are going through the overwhelming storms of life changes and need to make sound financial decisions, I’m there to take the helm and guide you to still waters

30+ years experience and knowledge of financial planning

I am a Certified Financial Planner, a Family Mediator and a Neutral Financial Professional. I have a lifetime of experience in mediating discussions about delicate financial issues. I was among the early adopters of the Certified Financial Planners designation. I am a Mediator on the Family Roster of Mediate BC and a charter member and the first financial member of the BC Collaborative Roster Society. For over 30 years people have come to me for advice about their money concerns. Creating solutions with them has given me wisdom and skills that I will share with you.

“Life is change, growth is optional.” I love that saying. My life has been full of changes and challenges. Sometimes it’s been tough to find a diamond in the disaster. I must say that those challenges have caused me to dig deep for answers and a way to gain wisdom and to truly understand others.

You should know that I have had my own difficult experiences in divorce which make me passionate about helping others go through overwhelming changes in a supportive environment. I’ve also overcome a crippling accident and walked side by side with loved ones as they’ve gone through serious diagnoses to lead healthy lives. Over 25 years racing sailboats I’ve learned about weathering storms and winning races as an integral member of the crew.

The experiences of sailing through these storms of life empower me to guide you to your own constructive solutions with care and compassion.

No Bias, No Commissions

After a successful career providing planning advice and financial products I gave up my licenses to earn commissions. Now I specialize in providing clarity and Mediation to you on a fee only basis.

I don’t earn a living from commissions; I earn a living from providing unbiased guidance. Your doctor doesn’t get paid by selling you stuff. Neither do I. I feel strongly about this because it can be next to impossible to think clearly when you experience strong emotions. Emotions and logic come from two different parts of the brain. That can make you vulnerable to sales pressure. I remove that risk.

In going through my own emotional experiences with divorce I know that logic and emotions don’t mix and I learned some lessons the hard way. I am a practitioner with the Westminster Law Group and also serve Vancouver Island now that I live in Qualicum! Lawyers, coaches, child specialists and I work together to support the whole family through the separation process, without going to court. The results are outstanding! Families come through the separation process without wrecking the kids or each other.

My values

I have a unique focus on financial leadership through emotionally tough times. I bring a depth of professional and personal wisdom to the table to help you through the storm to a place of peace. The skills you learn will last a lifetime!

I will guide you to immediate solutions and a solid long term agreement that both of you can be proud of. I use the principles of sound financial planning guided by a strict code of ethics and integrity.

You will know that I hear you. I’ll make a difference in your life, guide you through the storm and be totally fair-minded.

Core Values:

  • Passion:
    I love my work. It’s incredibly gratifying to see the look of relief and clarity on my client’s faces as they see the sky clear up.
  • Trust:
    I earn my clients coveted trust from their total confidence in my wisdom, integrity and character.
  • Respect:
    The relationship between the client and me grows from the utmost respect. It’s a special privilege to be brought in to the client’s confidence at such a personal and vulnerable time in their lives.
  • Value:
    The uniquely relevant value of my skills and wisdom fit with my clients needs. I’m constantly striving to understand and learn how best to offer the greatest value at a time of great need.


I am a member of the following organizations

   Westminster Law Group