Mediate the ELEPHANT in the room!

Big elephant in the living room

There’s an ELEPHANT in the room!! Mediation helps clarify and manage that elephant.

That elephant has been the subject of money throughout your relationship. It’s a tough subject. Not because arithmetic is complicated, but, because the subject is loaded with emotional baggage. Multi-generational values and beliefs made the elephant bigger than it needed to be. Mediation helps!

When a relationship ends, that baggage of emotionally charged money matters needs to be opened. It has to be scrutinized, clarified and divided. This is no easy task! To make matters worse, emotions have sky-rocketed. You plans and dreams have exploded and the future is uncertain at best.

Help is at hand from a Qualified Financial Mediator.

BC’s Family Law Act was designed to help families stay out of court. It directs families to “Alternatives” such as Mediation and Collaborative Practice.

When money is an issue, couples, lawyers and coaches call on Financial Mediators and Neutral Financial Professionals in Collaborative Practice. That specialist should have decades of experience and training in financial matters, Mediation and Collaborative Practice. There should be no sales agenda and complete neutrality to help you with that elephant!

When there are emotional issues or concerns about the children, there are Mediators and Collaborative Professionals who specialize in mental health. How much better to have a mental health professional guide you through the emotions of separation than a lawyer or financial person? In this way, people have support from specialists in Law, Mental Health AND Finance.

It might seem counter-intuitive to think that this can be a cost-effective solution. But, it is. How much better is it, to have a financial specialist sort out your financial confusion? Less time, less cost, more clarity and better to have one financial document than fighting over two different ones. The long term benefits are dramatically better than dragging a family through the agony of litigation.

Yes, help is at hand for that big financial ELEPHANT! That’s what a Neutral Financial Mediator can do for you.

Patricia Lalonde,
CFP, Qualified Mediator, Neutral Financial Collaborative Professional

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