A new relationship?

Are you in a new relationship? You’re planning to live together, share your lives and your responsibilities?

What have you decided around the subject of money?

As a Financial Mediator and a Neutral Financial Professional in Collaborative Practice, I have worked with hundreds of couples. Couples who’ve been together for decades and never agreed about money matters. They never knew how to talk about it and lived in stress about money. Then they came to me to sort out their financial matters at the end of their relationship for aPeace and Gratitude┬áSeparation Agreement.

In every one of those couples it was so sad to see a situation that could have been rectified at the beginning!

Yes, we get the money sorted out so that they could separate it in half and go their own ways. Yes, some of those couples go their own ways.

BUT, some of them have reconciled! They told me that they learned things about each other that they never knew. They told me that this was the first time in their lives that they could talk about money and it was the first time they could agree on a plan! The light went on in their eyes and they understood money and each other in a whole new light.

It’s those experiences, those wonderful brave people who inspire me! They remind me of how passionate I am to be able to guide people through the confusion to a place where they can focus on the things they have to be grateful for.

I would love to help you to avoid needing my specialized money skills at the end of your relationship. Let me guide you to peace and gratitude in your healthy relationship with money.



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