A strong foundation for a Solid Separation Agreement!

One Financial Document created by one Neutral Financial Professional involving both clients is a foundation for a solid Separation Agreement.

When I work with clients as a Mediator or as a Neutral Financial Professional we create one document that both people understand and agree to. Then we go forward to have discussions on how to separate it all. Dividing the money can be a difficult process at the best of times whether there are a lot of zeros in your net worth or a negative. However, it can be even worse if you have two different views.

I’ve seen situations where I was brought in to “put out fires” that began by having two different financial documents created by two separate lawyers and the clients had been fighting in court for years over the discrepancies. The problem could have been avoided right at the start if I had been engaged to work with both clients to create one document that they both understood and agreed to.

Bring me in at the beginning and we’ll create a strong foundation for a solid Separation Agreement!

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