You’re going through a Separation. Right?

You’re going through a Separation. Right?

It’s not easy. It can be emotional, confusing AND expensive. In the midst of all of these issues, you have important financial decisions to make.

You want solid Neutral Financial advice from someone with experience and training in this specialized area of practice.

I’m a Neutral Financial Specialist and Mediator focusing on exactly what you need right now. I will talk with you and your spouse and we will decide if we are comfortable working together through this vital part of your separation process.

Our first task is to gather all of your financial information. You’ll get a list of documents that we need and from that I will create One Clear Neutral Financial Document. Since you are both working with me as I create this document, it will be a document that you both agree on. That means¬†your costs are lower than having two lawyers creating two separate financial documents that are often different. AND,¬†That means you won’t spend expensive legal hours arguing about it.

Our second task is to make sure that you and your lawyers understand the rules and regulations that apply to the various financial assets and debts that you hold.

The teams of lawyers and coaches that I work with, love this process because they see the vast benefits to you, their clients. We work together to resolve your separation OUT-OF-COURT through Collaborative Practice or Mediation.

I really look forward to working with you.
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