• Do you struggle with money conversations?
  • Are you the kind of person who avoids money decisions?
  • Perhaps you’re going through a major life change that overwhelms you with responsibilities.
  • Maybe you have to make money decisions that could alter your life path.
  • Are you more comfortable talking about sex than money?

When we most need help with our finances that’s also a time when we can be especially vulnerable to sales pressure for a solution.

DSC_0087-3When couples discuss financial matters it brings up all kinds of issues in the best of times. At a time of separation or dispute, emotions run high making it more difficult to think clearly.

Together with both of you, I will create one clear Financial Document. If there are some gaps in your understanding, I will teach you the rules and regulations that apply to your specific situation. This clarity gives you a solid foundation for making confident money decisions.

I’ve gained wisdom through a life of changes and challenges, divorce, the serious diagnosis of a loved one and a physical disability that I overcame, so I really do understand your worries. I’m a Certified Financial Planner with over 25 years of experience talking to people about their money concerns and creating realistic solutions.  I’m focused on my passion to advise people and teach financial know-how! Clients have greatly benefited from my knowledge, wisdom and compassion.

My ideal client needs to make significant financial decisions at a time of life altering transitions and seeks wise, unbiased advice.

I am a totally fair-minded expert with nothing to sell, focused on giving you unbiased financial clarity through the storms of financial disputes. I mediate your discussions as you work toward an agreement. I am Patricia Lalonde, Certified Financial Planner, Qualified Family Mediator, and Neutral Financial Professional in Collaborative Practice.

My clients say the following:

Hello Patricia,
I wanted again to thank you for yesterday.  I’ve likely experienced more progression after our meeting than I would with any counselors!  Your advice has helped me to see that I can position myself to survive with pride, rather than with fear, anger and anxiety. Mike

Throughout my divorce, I have been so worried about money that I felt like I was walking around with a stone in my shoe. You just removed that stone and I feel great!

You’re Fast and You’re Good!
Joan N., HR Consultant

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Life Transitions

Making important financial decisions during major life transitions can be overwhelming. Financial decisions and strong emotions make a dangerous combination which may contribute to poor judgement and devastating financial choices.When you feel exhilarated about a windfall or alone and fearful, it's important to have someone with whom you can talk openly and receive professional advice.

10 Prescriptions for Financial Health

Learn to:
- Increase financial literacy to make peace with your money
- Clarify unconscious habits that hold you back from your goals
- Gain decision making confidence to make smarter purchases

When you learn how to manage money your stress level goes down, focus improves and confidence rises.

Financial Literacy

Canada created a "National Task Force on Financial Literacy" defining literacy as "having the knowledge, skills and confidence to make responsible financial decisions." The world has never seen so clearly the need to understand and manage their finances. I am dedicated to this cause and play an active role with the Financial Planners Standards Council in policy planning.